Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

While shopping for carpets, it is important to consider the properties of each carpet. Consider the carpet's thickness, resilience, and material. The best carpet for high traffic areas is one that is darker in color. Wool, Polypropylene, and Polyamide are all super durable and hard-wearing. Another factor to consider is the underlay. A good underlay will aid in extending the life of your carpet, while also ensuring even wear.

Having an underlay is very important to the flooring you are laying. It will affect the finish, feel and wear of your flooring. It will make the flooring more comfortable to walk on and improve the longevity by up to 50%! Having a good underlay can help reduce noise between rooms, add insulation, increase the lifespan of the flooring, and comfort underfoot.

Vinyl sheet is available in a number of different colours, patterns, and designs. It is usually laid in one piece or two pieces with minimal seams. For this flooring, repairs would require replacement of the entire floor or a cut and replace of the damaged sections, causing an additional seam.

LVT mimics stone, ceramics, and hardwood for a realistic effect. You can configure the tiles in any pattern you desire, so you can make it unique for your room. Replacing a tile is virtually undetectable in case of a repair.

LVT flooring is very hardwearing and durable. Most LVT is also waterproof and has a built in scratch and stainguard. Wood or tile flooring can become easily worn but LVT is a much more robust product. It doesn't dent or scratch easily unlike wood flooring.

The most popular type of carpet is twist pile, which is available in a wide variety of colors. This type of carpet is made by tightly twisting the yarn and cutting the loops.

Unfortunately we don't currently offer financing options, but our prices are affordable and competitive.

There is a common myth that a new carpet needs a week or two to "settle in.". The opposite is actually true. There will almost always be a small amount of loose fibres on a new carpet, and these should be removed by vacuuming as soon as possible. So go ahead and put those lines in!
A laminate floor should be 6-12mm thick. When the thickness is greater than 12mm, it may include padding attached. For hardwood feel, you'll want 10mm or 12mm. You can get by with 7 or 8mm if cost is a concern and the subfloor is smooth.
The easiest and most durable carpets are made of nylon fibers. Nylon stands up well to abrasion and is a strong fiber. The material also retains its original texture well. It also responds well to steam cleaning.
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