Safety Flooring

Safety-First Flooring

Our Safety Flooring has been specially designed to reduce the risk of slipping and be very hard wearing. This easy to clean and low maintenance flooring is a popular option for various industries with different attractive styles to choose from that will suit any space. 

Without the right safety flooring, working in demanding environments with high slip risks is dangerous. When contaminants are a constant presence and spillages can't be avoided, a specialist safety floor is the answer.
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Safety Flooring

Affordable Safety Flooring

Perfect for areas that see a high volume of traffic or are most likely to get wet, our Safety Flooring is low cost and highly durable.

Kitchens, toilets, nurseries, hospitals, universities, leisure centres or facilities,, toilets, schools, retail and care homes are just a few of the settings where our safety flooring is the ideal solution, reducing slippage risks to you and others.

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Safety Flooring

Safety FlooringSafety Flooring
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