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Best Flooring Options for Your Conservatory

There are a few factors you need to consider when selecting the flooring for your conservatory. Will it have muddy footprints or paws traipsing in and out? What will you be using the space for? What kind of style are you aiming for? How are you going to maintain the temperature? 

When you know the answer to these questions you can begin selecting your flooring type. 

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If your conservatory opens up to an outside area or kitchen, you may want to select something a little more durable and resilient. Laminate or Vinyl flooring would be an ideal choice for this – both are hard wearing, easy to maintain, waterproof and cost effective. 
FCL - FFER - Conservatory
FCL - FFER - Conservatory
If there is no outside door leading from your conservatory then carpet would be a great option. The carpet type to pick again depends on how you will mainly use the conservatory and it’s location. If it is somewhere where it won’t get much sunlight and tends to be a bit cooler then opt for a Saxony Carpet for the added warmth and soft underfoot. 

For a conservatory that will be used often and see a lot of people, a more durable carpet might be a good choice like a Berber, Twist, Loop Pile or Tweed Carpet. 
TOP TIP: If your conservatory is placed where it will gain a lot of sunlight, this can effect your flooring, so make sure you move your furniture around regularly to prevent uneven colouring of floor. 


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