The Benefits of a Wool Carpet

Date: January 13, 2022

What are the Benefits of a Wool Carpet?

Wool carpets are an excellent flooring choice for any home. As well as being healthier for a room, they are also better for the environment. The benefits of wool carpets are countless!

By reducing ambient noise, wool fiber softens the environment in a room. The smoothness of floors makes particles and dirt airborne, which can be dangerous for allergy sufferers. Carpets with wool piles, however, can easily be vacuumed to remove the particles, since wool traps the particles and prevents them from becoming airborne. 

Wool that comes from sheep that are well cared for is a sustainable material. Wool from Britain is often used in carpet manufacturing. Farms and their countryside are benefited as a result. Most carpets contain a substantial amount of nylon (20%). Therefore, a nylon carpet will last longer but will be less environmentally friendly than a wool carpet. While wool carpets may not last as long as other types, they are preferred by some people. 

If you're considering buying a wool carpet or want to find out more about them, the following facts will make you an instant fan.

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Wool is a natural material

Biodegradable and renewable by nature, wool is a natural organic product. In addition to being comfortable on your feet, it also helps keep the earth clean through its natural composition. There is nothing more durable than wool carpets, whether they are Berber twists or contemporary loops.

Wool is a Biodegradable Material

A wool fiber's biodegradation in soil produces nitrogen, sulphur, carbon dioxide, and water that are all essential to plants. Since there is a growing concern over the conservation and preservation of natural resources, 100% wool carpets make a great flooring choice. 


Considering that wool carpets are naturally hard-wearing, they are great for all rooms in your home, especially high traffic areas like hallways and stairs. As a result of their natural resilience, wool carpets bounce back and don't flatten after being trodden on, making them ideal for hectic homes. 

Wool Carpets are Warm

There is no doubt that a wool carpet is a fantastic natural insulator. It is ideal flooring for cold spaces, or for separating floors in the home. Its purpose is to keep the warmth inside and the cold outside. The fact that wool carpeting insulates and is a natural fibre makes it safe to use in a room with a fireplace, as it is fire retardant by nature. So to utilize wool carpet on cold days would absolutely make sense.

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Loop or Twist?

Wool loop and wool twist carpets are popular because of their high-quality feel and texture, adding a touch of luxury to any home. Wool twist carpets are widely known for their dense pile, making them ideal for families. Whereas wool loop carpets are known for their soft texture and are an ideal choice for contemporary and classic interiors. 


Until the wool is vacuumed, minute dust particles will remain on its fibres, minimizing the amount of suspended particles in the air. A high-performance vacuum cleaner can then help remove dust and dirt before they irritate the skin.

Furthermore, wool is one of nature's technically smart fibres capable of creating a soothing, balanced atmosphere in any home, due to its ability to absorb moisture from the air and then release it again when the space becomes dry.

Fire-Resistant and Inflammable

The flammability wool carpeting is naturally fire-resistant because of its slow ignition rate. Because of this, wool carpets are extremely safe to use at home and at work. The fire will melt the carpet fibres instead of burning them, allowing it to spread very slowly or not at all.

Fall Friendly

Young children and seniors can be protected from serious injury from falls by the coils and softness of wool carpets. Furthermore, wool carpets also offer extra fall protection when paired with quality underlay.

Colour Retention

Wool carpets retain their original colour even after years of use and cleaning. Due to wool's molecular structure, the dye penetrates quite easily and locks in colour. Wool fibres' protein-based chemical makeup does not only make them dye-resistant and colour-fast but also readily wool accepts dye. In order to achieve a high level of aesthetic appeal, wool carpeting offers a wide range of colours and patterns. Cleaning wool carpets is easy even with oily or greasy spills, so your colour will be maintained.

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Generally, wool carpeting is woven from short segments of wool from sheep. Wool is reasonably durable and does not require delicate handling. Good to excellent wear resistance and decades of durability can be expected if properly maintained.

Its natural durability can be attributed in part to its natural flexibility, which protects it from tearing. Over time, wool carpets will return to their original thickness and suppleness, while some synthetic carpets may wear down when subjected to heavy traffic or heavy furniture.

Fibres other than wool are naturally coiled, making them very durable. Synthetic fibres can only be obtained artificially, which is a source that can be utilized when the actual wool is susceptible to being depleted over time. Wool carpets can last longer than carpets made with synthetic fibre because of the material's strength.

There are some distinctive properties to distinguish wool from other carpet fibres, making it the ultimate luxury carpet fibre. The product is 100% natural, luxurious, flame-retardant, durable, and even sustainable! 

The advantages of buying wool carpet are far outweighing the additional expense. There is no better option, wool carpeting typically cost a little more and requires a little more maintenance than other 100% synthetic alternatives. 

You should never underestimate the performance capabilities of wool carpets, whether they are being sourced, wool carpeting installed and maintained for an individual household, a luxury hotel or other high-end commercial project.

If you've been wanting to buy a wool carpet for your house, now is the time to do so! Contact us at Floor Coverings Local for advice on Wool Carpets.